Wilma Kippers

Wilma Kippers

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Christel Wolterinck

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Integrating formative assessment in daily teaching practice

Formative assessment is about using information from tests to improve teaching practice. Both teachers and students play a role in this. By testing, we mean all the ways in which teachers and pupils can gather information about pupils’ learning, for example pen-and-paper tests, (homework) assignments, observations during class and asking questions in the classroom.

In recent years, research has been done at the University of Twente on the application of formative assessment by teachers in secondary education. In this workshop we want to make our insights from research into formative assessment available and translate it into educational practice, with the intention of further developing it. In this workshop we want to reflect with you on the extent to which formative assessment is applied in your own teaching practice and we shall give examples of how you could apply formative assessment.

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Wilma Kippers is a PhD student within the ELAN Data Teams project at the University of Twente. She conducts research into the formative use of data in secondary education. Questions central to her research are: To what extent and how is formative assessment applied, according to teachers? To what extent do teachers and school leaders develop knowledge and skills during the data team intervention? How do lecturers and students interpret the Diagnostic Interim Assessment Reports and which follow-up steps do they decide to take? Kippers is co-author of a number of articles in the field of formative assessment.


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