Adrie Visscher

Professor, University of Twente


The maximisation of teachers’ expertise

Although remarks such as ‘This teacher makes a difference’ and ‘teachers matter’ can be heard quite frequently, not much is heard about how much the teachers really matter with regards to the accomplishments of learners. I will discuss this in my presentation and compare the impact of teachers to other factors. I will then discuss the development of teachers’ expertise throughout the course of their career and how top experts in other domains develop their expertise (deliberate practice). Finally, I will suggest how we can use this way of developing professional expertise for the training and the continuing professional development of teachers; I will also discuss useful and not so useful methods of evaluating the professional effectiveness of teachers from the perspective of professional development.

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Adrie Visscher is a full professor at the University of Twente and chair of ELAN. He is also professor by special appointment at the University of Groningen. How to use feedback effectively is central to his work. Feedback can not only reveal something about the accomplishments of learners, but also about the pedagogical skills of the teacher. Differentiation is often key to these skills; this finding has led to a focus in his research on these complex skills and how teachers can develop them.


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