Christian Bokhove

University of Southampton


This is the new m*th!

It’s good that education is talking about evidence and preventing myths to take hold. However, in the advent of this mythbusting naive adoption of counter-research is creating new myths. Use a maths formula, stick a ‘neuroscientific’ image on it or suggest it is all about cognitive science and you are ready to go! This talk will give examples how naive interpretations of educational (e.g. with PISA), econometric, neuroscientific and psychological (e.g. ‘less load is better’) research are creating new myths.

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Dr. Christian Bokhove is a lecturer at the University of Southampton, specialised in mathematics education, technology use, large-scale assessment and research methods. He is very active on Social Media and has been dubbed the “Simon Cowell of commentators”. Of course, Simon Cowell is a very nice man.


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