Frank Leoné

University Lecturer


Education is ideally effective and motivating. Traditionally, the two sides of the teaching coin have been largely separated in educational research, and motivation only receives varying attention in both practice and research. In this workshop, I consider designing education as a learning experience from two perspectives: neuroscience and gamification. Neuroscience because it is the brain that creates experiences; gamification because it connects with the conscious and unconscious preferences and interests of people. The two perspectives complement each other. The result is a canvas that can be used in the design of education, providing building blocks for effective and motivational education. The participants receive the canvas for their own use, so they can apply it directly in their educational practice.

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Frank Leoné studies the interaction of neuroscience with education and technology: how can knowledge about the brain help education and educational technology? He works at the Donders Institute in Nijmegen and teaches the Artificial Intelligence program. In his work, he focuses heavily on social impact, for example by organising public lectures and the Donders Education Hackathon, which is a weekend where teachers, scientists and programmers jointly build innovative educational software. Besides research, Frank has a start-up – Marbelous Minds – in which he designs games and provides workshops.


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