Robin de Lange

PhD researcher at Leiden University & Founder Virtual Reality Learning Lab


Virtual Reality, an added value in education?

Many people are enthusiastic about the possibilities of Virtual Reality (VR) as a learning tool. But why? In this workshop Robin talks about the current state of research, indications why Virtual Reality can offer added value, but also about dangers, challenges and future research.

Participants experience the latest VR experiences themselves, and together they explore interesting applications!

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Robin is the founder of the Virtual Reality Learning Lab and PhD researcher at Leiden University under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Bas Haring. He researches the potential added value of Virtual and Augmented Reality as a learning tool.

Robin has completed a bachelor in physics and philosophy and a masters in Media Technology. For the VR Learning lab he was, among other things, the owner of a homework institute and the founder of Lyceo CodeLab.


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