Tom Bennett

Director researchED, Docent, Auteur


Behaviour lessons from the best UK schools:

In this session Tom will outline the most effective strategies that schools (and classrooms) utilised in order to create safe, calm and nurturing environments were students and staff could all flourish. Behaviour is closely connected to the classroom culture, and the school leaders need to be the conscious architects of that culture. When this happens, everything is possible. Until it does, very little is.

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Tom Bennett is the founder of researchED, a grass-roots organisation that raises research literacy in education. Since 2013 researchED has visited three continents and six countries, attracting thousands of followers. In 2015 he became the UK government’s school ‘Behaviour Czar’, advising on behaviour policy. He has written four books about teacher training, and in 2015 he was long listed as one of the world’s top teachers in the GEMS Global Teacher Prize. In the same year he made the Huffington Post’s ‘Top Ten Global Bloggers’ list. His online resources have been viewed over 1,200,000 times. He currently lives in London where he keeps bees and solves crimes that Scotland yard can’t crack.


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Amsterdam 2018

How do schools build a culture where all students can flourish? Lessons from the UK

In this session, Tom Bennett, founder of researchED will discuss his recent report for the UK Department of Education that outlined in summary what the most effective schools in the UK did in order to create an environment that scaffolded optimal behaviour and habits, both for learning and for life.

Amsterdam 2017

How can schools and teachers become more research engaged?

In this session Tom will outline practical ways that both teachers and school leaders can engage with and use the best research to enhance how we lead, teach and nurture students. From research leads, to staff training, opportunities are everywhere.